Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Sunday 19 September 2010

Mendel Mayhem: Squashed froglet

As stated in yesterday's segment, this morning I tackled the Thick Sheets.

When I finished last night I updated my Reprappers forum topic to update on my progress. Nudel recommended Nophead's froglet made from Dibond (which I have some of as I bought too much in anticipation of making a heated bed and am selling extras). He also told me that the standard thin sheets (opto plates) don't work with the Techzone electronics so saved me some wasted effort.

The standard thick sheet parts comprise:
  • Squashed Frog (chassis)
  • Purge plate
  • Bed
  • Electronics mounting plates (2-off)
I went and re-read of Nophead's 'Making Mendel' post to confirm my approach.

I have already made Azdle's Mounting Plate for Tech Zone Remix Electronics as described here, and will make the bed later as I want to make a heated bed, so this morning I cut up a Dibond FR sheet to make the Nophead's Squashed Froglet and a purge plate as shown below.

That's about another hour, so with that done, I'll be able to continue the Y-axis build, but first I'm off to walk the dogs before it rains (It is still summer - sort of - in England afterall.)

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