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Monday, 18 March 2013

What's next...

Having been absent from the RepRap scene for a while (well work and new baby seem to take a lot of time), I have managed to get my printer dusted off and running again.

I've done a lot of reading the last couple of weeks, together with some tinkering and decided on some future projects which I am watching.  These are (no order of importance or action intended):

  • Filament extruder: I always intended to recycle plastic, so am watching the "filastruder" developments with interest.  This has a number of similarities to the "Lyman Extruder" which won the desktop factory competition.  I suspect I may go for a mix of the two in the end.  Depends what the filastruder guys come up with by the time I am ready to progress.
  • Plastic shredder/grinder: Marcus Thymark is creating the "Filamaker", which will shred plastic and then extrude filament.  His initial focus is on the shredder which I think is great, but currently out of my budget, so ill keep an eye on developments.  He doesn't seem to have done much work on the extruder element yet.
  • Mendel90:  The most important thing any RepRap owner seems to need is: Another RepRap.  As mentioned in my last post, I will be making one of nophead's Mendel90s.  I do however want to make some changes (and need to keep costs down by recycling stuff I have), so will not be using a kit.  The main change is that I want a 300x300 build area and am thinking of dual extruders (with all the issues those bring).
Wish me luck....