Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Monday 13 September 2010

Camper Part 33: Quick update

Progress has continued on the camper, albeit at a slowish pace.

Since the last post I have refreshed the MOT. The was initially a failure on the fog light switch being loose (I was due to pick up a replace dash the following day so took a chance) and the number plate lights.

These lights are located on the fold out step and wired via brass/copper contacts that only make a connect when the step is folded away. As the step is quite worn the contact is hit and miss. The was on a Saturday so the tester gave me 2 hours to go away and rectify the two problems. The fog switch problem I resolved my knocking up a plywood insert for the dash in place of the broken plastic, whereas I ripped out the contacts and ran folding loom in for the steps. I know this isn't ideal but I intend to replace these steps with a proper motorhome type fold out set which should be much lighter (not being engineered for stretchers, etc).

I also managed to fit all the cupboard doors, the cooker and fridge (they've been in before, but are now in their final fix). The only remaining item on the cupboards are the shelves (simple 3mm ply planned) and the drawer which I need to make and fit.

I also sourced an ex caravan bedframe to make the junior over seat bed in the cab and pieces of another double front seat to allow me to add a second seatbelt to the twin rear seats.

My current focus is on items which prevent use of the vehicle as opposed to the nice to haves. This isn't stopping the collection of usefull bits though.

The vehicle has also seen some use on the road with trips varying from 400 miles one day to around 80 a few times for localish trips.

I had a problem on one of the trips when the valve on one of the wheels failed, luckily on a small road with a handy layby ahead. Only problem I still hadn't sourced a spare (it came with none). If anyone knows where I can get a 15 inch twin wheel Sprinter wheel cheap (don't care about the tyre), please shout.

That's all for today....

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