Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Monday 27 July 2009

Camper Part 18: Kitchen Carcasses Complete

As promised in yesterday's installment I got on with the final kitchen unit carcass today.

Having done the major cutting last night, tonight I trimmed the angles on the rear legs for where they meet the roof and assembled the whole lot. I also fitted it, including fixing to the floor, the wall and the cooker unit which it stands next to.

I had to move ond of the light fittings a bit as it will be partially obscured by the cupboard. It still is a bit due to a structural roof bracket preventing me from moving it further. This should be a problem however as the tube can still be changed easily.

Having now completed all the kitchen carcasses, next steps for the kitchen will be the counter tops. I will however be moving back to the bathroom in order to complete the side walls so all structures are in place.

After that, plumbing and electrics with paneling of the various carcasses being the last thing done in order to not have to remove them again (and not dirty them).

I also need to get on with checking the vehicle over for the MOT and booking that for next week.

Today's pictures:

Kitchen cupboard carcass rear and sides Kitchen cupboard carcass front panel Kitchen cupboard carcass fitted Kitchen cupboard carcass fitted Kitchen cupboard carcass fitted Kitchen cupboard carcass fitted

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