Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Camper Part 19: MOT Ready or not here I come...

There hasn't been an update for a few days as I have been putting all my energy into getting ready for the MOT (annual road fitness test).

As the vehicle is undergoing a conversion to a 'Motor Caravan' it qualifies for an MOT Test instead of a Goods Vehicle Test. This however means that it must have the basics of a Motor Caravan, like beds and kitchen.

On the weekend I fitted the new dash plastics that I had bought on eBay which resulted in the moving of some of the switches fitted during the ambulance conversion.

This was followed by continuing with the kitchen units. As you know (if you've been following) I completed the carcasses before, so this weekend I cladded the sides in plywood. I also fitted the sink and cooker hob to their respective counter tops and fitted the sink one in place.

At the same time I did the remaining two walls of the bathroom and the bathroom roof. This also involved cutting the holes for the lights in the bathroom and feeding through the wiring. Next steps for the bathroom will be the waterproofing, cladding and then fitting up.

After work I ventured out again and fitted the cooker counter top in place. This was followed by installing the grill box & door as well as the cooker oven. The gas lines for these are connected at the back, but still need plumbing through the floor for connection to the flexi-hose with bottle connector. The long term goal is to fit an under vehicle gas tank.

I also installed the fridge under the sink, but before this drilled the holes for the water supply and waste pipes in the floor and fed the pipes through. I still need to fit the external connections and pump, but didn't relish working on my back on cold concrete at 9:30pm so left that for another day.

As the finishing touch of the day, the passenger seat went back in (it had been removed in order to work on the auxilliary battery) and the cushions for the beds were fitted.

All through this time my wife was helping by clearing out all the accumulated tools and fittings that had migrated into the lockers in the vehicle during the build.

The pictures today aren't great as they were taken in the dark with a mobile phone, but you can get a sense of more completeness...

Sink, fridge and bed (rear view) Cooker unit and bed (rear view) Cooker unit and bed (rear view) Cooker unit and bed (rear view) Sink, fridge and bed (rear view) Sink, fridge and bed Cooker unit and bed

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