Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Monday 26 March 2012

Tweaking the whistle

I took the printouts I did yesterday to work today, to show my colleagues.

One of the guys, Dan, is into product design and has used some professional equipment in this field while studying.  He was very impressed, so I assume many more water cooler conversations on this topic.

The more I played around with the whistle, the more I felt that the issues appeared to be too little filament on the long runs (almost as if it was stretching too far).  I know you are only meant to change one thing at a time, but I decided to try another print while changing the infill to 100% (probably should have had it at this before) and the perimeter speed to 60 (from 55).

What a difference.  It makes a noise even without having broken free the ball.  I'll load some pictures here later.  While this was printing I got my wife out to have a look.  At last, she now understands my obsession with this thing!!!

After this I also updated the skirt setting to 2 as I noted that the skirt wasn't being formed properly each time.  This isn't really a fix, but will do for now.

Bed Temprature Mismatch
I just posted a question on the forum about a temperature mismatch on my heated bed and what is repeated back on Pronterface.

I did however note that I was struggling to get the bed to reach 110C. 

I bought a multimeter which does temperature readings and noted that the bed was much higher than Pronterface (or the Sprinter firmware) was declaring. I am using an EPCOS 100k thermistor supplied by Think3DPrint3D and chose that (6) in the Sprinter firmware (I have the latest version committed by Kliment 8 days ago - 7d45ae9ecf) config.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

In the meantime, I decided that another good test would be nophead's heart box which I could give to my wife as her first "Thing".  I've just completed the base.  The tip of the heart warped a bit, but I'm quickly printing the lid then I'm done for the day (it is also warping by the way!!!).  The warping could be the start of the kapton tape losing it's power.  I intend to migrate to "ABS Juice", but figured I would get things working first, then work on refining things.

Here are the pictures, due to the ABS shrinkage problems I had to print the lid's 1% larger than the boxes (or boxes 1% smaller as I didn't want to waste the spare lid/box)


  1. Hi Craig

    Made a couple of basic suggestions on the wiki, if the connections are fine then let us know and we will send you another thermistor.


    1. Thanks for the reply, please see my next post. I've tried the suggestions and don't think it is the thermistor...