Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Saturday 17 March 2012

Sanguinololu Installation

As mentioned earlier, I bought a Prusa Heated Bed and Sanguinololu kit from Think3dPrint3D.

Communication was fantastic and all the goods arrived this morning as promised, well packaged and labeled.

I then started assembling the electronics. This is much simple than the TechZone ones due to being a single board, so basically the only issues were mounting the board on the frame and wiring all the molex connectors.

For mounting the board, I rough cut a piece of plywood, figuring I could do something better in the future when I can print.

The other difference between these electronics and the TechZone ones is that these use micro switches for the end stops instead of opto's.  Much easier for non-electronics guys like me, but of course I had to find mounting locations.  I figured some out, but they may change in the future when I am able to print some brackets.

Next up I'll be figuring out the Tool Chain updates and trying to switch it on for the first time.

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