Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Thursday 24 June 2010

Belting the Bed (Y-Axis)

Not too much to report today after the mega progress on day one.

I had a little dig around the bins of printer parts I salvaged and managed to locate a decent looking stepper motor as well as belt and pulleys of the correct size.

Here's a pic of a couple of my bins (I have more):
Printer bits

I had to remove the original pulley from the stepper (hope I didn't damage it in the process) and file a flat on the shaft.

This was all pretty fiddly work as I had to figure out what to do and had to attempt some of the brackets multiple times to get them right. The pics below show the sequence of fitting the stepper, pulleys, belt and finally the bed:
x-axis undersideX-axis beltedBelt bracketBed and belt

That's all I got done for now, but I thought I would also show you the pics of the two inkjet print head carriages that I dug out and plan try to use for the X & Z axes. The motors are quite light so not sure if they can handle it, but what is nice is that they come with pulleys and belts. I guess only time will tell.
Inkjet print head carriage 1Inkjet print head carriage 2

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