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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Camper Part 22: All washed up...

Following the successful MOT on Friday, we spent the weekend entertaining the kids (one of Kyle's friends came over to spend the weekend), so not much work on the camper going on.

I did however manage to remove the remaining sticky residue from the sides. I had tried all the usual remedies, but nothing worked. I Googled 'Sticky Stuff Remover' on Lorraine's advice and it came up with a hit. Halfords sells a product named exactly that 'Sticky Stuff Remover'. They had a 3 for 2 special on so I bought 3 cans of the stuff. It is a gel which you spray on it leave for a while. It definately helped, but I still had to use a Stanley blade in a scraper handle.

Having gotten the last of the sticky stuff off this morning, Luca helped me wash the camper. I then decided that some new pictures were warranted to do it justice....

Camper left front quarter view Camper front view Camper left front quarter view

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