Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Friday 24 April 2020

Trying out the Filawinder

NOTE: I'm catching up on Blogger and decided to post these draft posts that I've had partially written. I'm not completing them at this point and probably won't revisit them, but as a big part of the reason for blogging is to remind myself of what I was thinking/doing, they're still valid in this sense. This draft was dated 28/12/2015.

In a previous post (and the one before) I mentioned the plan to get a Filastruder.  Well, I've had that for a while, but not really used it for a multitude of reasons.  One being the space it needs for the filament to self spool on the ground.

I then ordered a Filawinder in the hope this would allow me the consign the entire system to fixed working space.

The Filawinder is assembled, but I am trying to play nice which is the topic of this article.  As much a place for me to remember what I did as anything.

Key points:

Initial results are the same as the ones experienced in this post (http://www.soliforum.com/topic/5088/filawinder-documentation/), so I am trying Ian's suggest mod in the responding post.

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