Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
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Tuesday 12 May 2009

Camper Day 11: Taxing Triumph & Dashed Wiring

If you haven't been following from the beginning, this camper build starts with Camper Day 1: The adventure begins, or if you just want to see the previous post, have a look at Camper Day 10: Raising the Roof.

Lorraine went to the DVLA Local Office in Wimbledon today and got them to change the vehicle's taxation class to PHGV and purchased 6 months tax. This means that I can start moving it about when required which is a triumph. Once the conversion is complete we will be checking how to go about having it classed as a Motorcaravan.

The next challenge is to figure out where to get it MOT'd. The current MOT has not yet expired, but it doesn't have long to run. I called the local VOSA Testing Station (bit of a misnomer as the number rings at a central call center anyway) and asked. They said I should call the local council. That's a bit like calling NHS Direct to find out the nearest A&E and them telling you to call your local Police Station. Surely VOSA should know!!!

This evening I trimmed the roof corners left to be done after last night's 'Raising the Roof' cut-a-thon, and then followed this by tackling the dash wiring. I want to pull out the redundant wiring before the weekend as I need to move the loom that is fed across the back of the bulkhead and through the roof at the B-pillar.

In order to do this I removed the rubber floor mat the top of the dash. I then slowly started figuring out one set of wires at a time. I have traced the wires for the battery cut-out (these are staying) and the air horn (these are also staying but will be re-connected to a new switch), both of these ran across to the left of the dash and through the firewall.

Luckilly the conversion wiring has generally been bound with small cable ties, whereas the Mercedes wiring is wrapped, so it is easy to distinguish. I saw a 3rd fatter sub-loom also going across to the left of the dash and through the firewall so traced these into the engine. I discovered that they supplied the siren, blue grill lights and what I believe are the headlight flashers. I have stripped this loom out back into the cab and will fully remove it next time.

I'm taking the slow but steady approach on the wiring as I don't want to end up with an undrivable vehicle and then have to call in the cavalry. Auto-electrics aren't my strong point, but I do have a logical/system problem solving approach so should be ok.

Today's pics focus on the trimming and some coverless dash pics.

Trimmed some more Trimmed the left corner Trimmed the right corner Dahsed wiring More dashed wiring Under dash wiring

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