Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Sunday 18 March 2012

Sanguinololu Setup

According to the supplier "Think3DPrint3D", my electronics was already flashed with Sprinter by Kliment and they user Kliment's Printrun/Pronterface to control it all, so after connecting it should just run.  Great!!!

I went ahead and installed the pre-compiled version of Pronterface.  When that didn't work I moved on to the latest version from GitHub (linked above).  I wasn't really thinking straight, as the fact that Pronterface was only showing Com 1 should have immediately pointed me at the problem.

What he hadn't accounted for (not his fault) is that I had already messed up my PC while trying to get the Tech Zone stuff working.  The device wasn't being recognised by my PC.  After some googling, forum reading, etc, I figured out I needed to remove and upgrade the FTDI drivers (I'm running XP, so it's a pain, but this doc on the FTDI website helps).

So, now, I have the latest Pronterface, so let's see if this all works?

Brilliant, it connected, so on the testing of the motors.  These are all working brilliantly, however I noted that I have wired the limit switches incorrectly, not finding clear instructions elsewhere I followed a random article which appears to have gotten it wrong.  I need to go and do some reading, but I think I read somewhere that this can be swapped in the firmware, it's either that or redo the wiring.

I'll need to think about this and decide on the best approach.  They are currently wired to normally open, whereas I guess normally closed would make more sense as the accidental disconnection of the limit switch would cause the machine to stop, thinking it is home (which appears the safer option).

I will need to sort out alternate wiring for the extruder motor as the wires are too short.  I am thinking of following nophead's DB9 connector idea.

Next step on the electronics front will be to calibrate the system.  Before that however I'm going to focus on some remaining hardware work.  Namely mounting the bed and the extruder.

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