Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Sunday 9 June 2013

What's Now... Mendel 90 in progress

First, a quick recap on my last post, projects planned:

  • Filament extruder: I backed the filastruder Kickstarter so am just waiting for my kit to arrive so I can start experimenting with making my own filament.
  • Plastic shredder/grinder: No progress - Marcus Thymark is now focussed on his extruder, and his shredder although done is appears to be temporarily shelved.
  • Mendel90:  I've started work on this.  A colleague from work also wants one, so I have started collecting parts and printing.
With trying to print the parts of the Mendel90's, I have been following Nophead's recommended settings, but find the print quality isn't so great.  Some Googling has suggested that moving to Marlin from Sprinter would be a good idea, so today I am tackling this:

  1. Download the latest Marlin from GitHub
  2. Update the configuration.h file to suit my printer.  See these links for further info:
    1. 3d Printing update: Sprinter versus Marlin firmware & more
    2. Forum Topic
  3. Verify/Compile & Upload as per normal
    1. I found this didn't work as I used the new Hardware (Sanguinololu) definitions included with Marlin.  When I reverted to the Sprinter Hardware files it worked.
  4. PID Tuning
    1. One of the things I wanted to switch on in Marlin is PID control of the HotEnd.  I found this blog article by Lincomatic well written and helpful.
  5. Test and re-calibrate.
    1. I created my own stepped piece for use with Triffid Hunter's Calibration Guide as I found the 5x5 was a bit difficult to see while the printer is moving.
So, I now have Marlin running and a re-calibrated printer, so we will see if this helps with the Mendel90 Plastics printing...

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