Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Saturday 29 August 2009

Camper Part 23: Wiring workout..

I took the Sprinter for a 285 mile roundtrip today. The longest single day trip since I bought it in May (and about 30% of the total mileage it has done in my ownership).

I spent most of the day at the workshop with Pete, Roger & Mark. This'll be the Pete and Mark who helped collect it and dismember the donor caravan.

Being a more than competent automotive electrician, Roger helped me figure out which of the remaining ambulance wiring could be culled without rendering the vehicle undrivable and still retaining the auxilliary battery and split charging system. During this we removed the battery kill switch, and having discovered that this included an alternator kill switch, removed this at the same time.

While I was culling wires, Pete volunteered to the fit the blind spot mirrors which he had picked up for me at the local Mercedes dealership. Another example of checking before you Ebay, as he was able to buy them cheaper from the main dealer than guys are selling them for on Ebay (and no P&P to pay).

I also picked up a set of electric Volvo 960 seats from Roger as he was breaking a 960 to supply bits for his supercharged (we still working on convincing him it'll be too slow) V90.

The driver's seat has 3 memory position settings which will come in handy with Lorraine and I both driving the Sprinter (this is one of the main reasons for the change). Also the Sprinter passenger seat doesn't have any back and forth adjustment, so fitting the Volvo seat will give this (also electrical).

Pete kindly took a few pictures of the activities during the day, including one of our 3 Sprinters lining up and smiling for the camera...

Now where does that wire go???? Removing alternator cutout wiring Even more wiring culled Mini Sprinter Meet

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