Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Thursday 6 August 2009

Camper Part 20: Poorly Patient.....

Short update today as not much news since the MOT.

As expected (but not hoped) the Sprinter failed the MOT. The worse issue was the rear brakes which failed on both the brakes and the handbrake. Apart from that the odd light was deemed faulty and the wipers not good enough. I had checked the lights the night before, but can't fault them on the rest.

Today Lorraine went and picked up the parts to do a complete rear brake overhaul, but I am taking it easy in the evenings as we have managed to book an alternate holiday for next week, so the pressure is off.

I don't want to slack off too much though as I want the van done for weekend trips. On Saturday I will be tackling the brakes, which hopefully leaves Sunday for the lights meaning that I can book it in for a re-test on Friday. (We're away from Monday to Thursday).

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