Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Christmas 2016

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Plastic Phantastic

Just a quick note tonight. While trying to figure my way through the electronics I figured I needed to also get a move on with the extruder parts.

I decided to give in and do the sensible thing, so instead of trying to make an extruder manually I bought a set of RP parts for a Wade's extruder from NopHead of Hydraraptor fame. This is fitting as the heater portion will be based on his Plumbstruder design.

The parts arrived today and are fantastic. These are the first printed parts that i have seen and touched physically, and they definitely inspire me to continue on this quest. Having said that, progress is likely to slow over the next few weeks due to work commitments and holidays.
Wade's Extruder parts by Nophead

Here are some pictures of the bits and progress so far (more detailed descriptions will be included in a future post on the plumbstruder - you'll also see that I now have the proper stand-off's for my electronics):

PTFE & PEEKPEEK sizePTFE size22mm Copper IDTank fitting for collarElectronics with stand-offs

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